Andy Diggle is now the second creator announced to be taking part in Dynamite’s upcoming line of crime comics.  Diggle isn’t exactly a stranger to crime comics.  His Ratcatcher original graphic novel for the now-defunct Vertigo Crime line was a very enjoyable tale of FBI agents trying to uncover an assassin preying on the witness protection program.  Losers for Vertigo-proper was a tale of a special forces unit double-crossed by the CIA and it made it all the way to big screen with a 2010 film adaption.

Much like Mark Waid, who will be writing the Green Hornet for Dynamite, Diggle is another writer who’s spreading himself around the publishers after several years of exclusivity at DC and Marvel.  Diggle is currently writing “Snapshot” in the Judge Dredd MegazineDoctor Who for IDW and is expected to be announced on a DC title at NYCC in a couple of days.

Outside of his crime comics, Diggle was the editor of 2000 A.D. and has written a fairly wide variety of material ranging from horror with Hellblazer to science fiction with (the excellent) Adam Strange: Planet Heist to more traditional superhero fare with Daredevil and Thunderbolts.

The exact title, premise and artist have yet to be announced.

Official PR:



October 9th, 2012, Mt. Laurel, NJ – Hot off his Marvel exclusive contract, Andy Diggle is set to write his next series at Dynamite!  Andy Diggle’s upcoming project will be part of Dynamite’s new crime line of comics, the first of which – Red Team – was announced yesterday with writer Garth Ennis.  There will be more announcements on the project coming soon!

“It’s not every day that a publisher offers you the chance to create a whole new world from scratch, and I’m having fun cooking up something dark, funny, violent and twisted for Dynamite,” says writer Andy Diggle. “Hard-hitting genre fiction with a twist, for readers who don’t like having their intelligence insulted. The kind of comic I want to read myself. So there’s really just one question – are you in or are you out?”

“Andy Diggle is one of the most incredible writers in comics today.  As a fan, I find each series that he writes more engaging than the previous one.  I enjoyed his Hellblazer run, but when I read his Green Arrow: Year One and The Losers, I wanted to read more of Andy’s work and sought out his earlier comics series to read.  And I’m glad I did.  Having now read much of his body of work, I have a deep respect for his skill as a writer.  After several years of exclusivity with DC and Marvel, I’m excited to finally be able to announce that Andy is working for Dynamite on a series and genre that he loves.” – states Dynamite President and Publisher Nick Barrucci.

Andy Diggle’s most recent well-known works include his run on Daredevil, Thunderbolts, and of course, The Losers, which critical acclaim and attention with artist, Jock, for transforming this dormant DC title and making it exciting and relevant for today’s audience.


  1. “for readers who don’t like having their intelligence insulted”… said the writer of Shadowland, lol.

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