England’s own Andy Diggle has been announced as the new writer for Action Comics, taking over the series from Grant Morrison as of issue #18, in March next year. He’ll be joined by artist Tony Daniel on the series, as is revealed on DC’s The Source website today. Speaking on the news, Diggle talks a little about his new role as writer for perhaps the most iconic superhero in comics.

Even in an industry dominated by superheroes, Superman is THE superhero – the original and best – and I’m flattered, daunted and inspired in equal measure at being given the opportunity to build on such an incredible and historic legacy. The word ‘iconic’ is bandied around a lot in comics, but Superman defines the term.

Can’t argue with that. Diggle will be rather busy at NYCC this year, having also newly announced a crime series he’ll be writing for Dynamite, as well as his continuing work on IDW’s Doctor Who series and – of course – his work for 2000AD.

But getting back to the Superman news – anybody fancy seeing his new costume, as drawn by Daniel? Well, alright then, here you go:


More will be revealed at NYCC.


  1. Y’know…looking at this. I’ve finally made up my mind. I’m done buying comics. What I want out of a superhero comic and what Marvel and DC are publishing are so far apart I just can’t enjoy them any more. I’m not sure who wants uber dark psuedo Tron Superman but it sure as Hell isn’t me.

  2. Is that like the game, “Let’s make Superman SO unrecognizable, no will want to read his comics anymore?”

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