We never expected to write that headline either. But it’s happening. It is real. And nothing can stop it. Artist Andrew Pepoy (THE ADVENTURES OF SIMONE & AJAX, LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE) writes to give us the astonishing details:

Last year I co-wrote a superhero tapdance opera, “The Hourglass”, which ran at the Chicago Tap Theatre last summer and returned in a revised and expanded version for another run this summer. It’s now coming to New York as one of the few non-local shows invited to the New York Musical Theatre Festival at the end of this month, and, being in the New York area, I thought you might be intersted.

No, I’m not in it, so you won’t see me doing the actual dancing, but I co-wrote the plot the show is based on and designed many of the costumes, plus a few other contributions. And when I say “opera”, a tap opera is all tap with music, no spoken word, so there’s no singing, but we do have word balloons. It’s a fun show with lots of dancing, action, adventure and romance.

Here’s a link to the show’s NYC website where you can get times and buy tickets.

Here’s a link to the Chicago Tap Theatre’s own website where you can find more info, reviews, and photos:


  1. OMG! Andrew talked about this at New York Comic Con! As a tap dancer, I TOTALLY want in on this. Haha. I gotta try and see this! His enthusiasm sold it for me.