Last night, THR got the scoop that WB wasn’t done with their Joker-centric film ideas, as not only will there be a stand-alone, unconnected Joker origin movie in the works by way of likely director Todd Phillips and producer Martin Scorsese (an idea that still blows my mind), but now a heavily rumored take from a little over a month ago is also coming to fruition.

A Joker and Harley Quinn feature, with Crazy, Stupid, Love‘s Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, is now in the works at the studio. The difference-maker between this and the just-revealed Joker project? Ficarra and Requa’s film will take place within the DCEU and star Margot Robbie and Jared Leto. Confused yet?

The new film is described as “an insane and twisted love story. When Harry Met Sally on benzedrine” by one of the report’s insiders, and is slated to begin filming after Suicide Squad 2, which does not yet have a filmmaker attached.

There was some question last night regarding this project and if it was taking the place of the already-announced Gotham City Sirens, which hasn’t seen a lot of public movement – but according to a smattering of reports, it looks like that is still a separate film altogether and David Ayer is still involved.

Even more confusing was that in THR’s initial report, Borys Kit stated that Matt Reeves’ The Batman was part of the new line of films the studio was producing that would fall under a sort of “Elseworlds” (my term) label, and would feature a new actor in the central role. They then deleted that bit, and offered a retraction, so Batfleck may continue on…or maybe not…nobody really knows anything! Though a number of people are running with Reeves’ quote:

It’s a stand-alone, this isn’t part of the extended universe

…which could be read a few different ways. The idea of Reeves being able to make the movie (or movies) he wants to make is an appealing one, but with an audience primed for shared-universe films now, I can’t help but wonder how confused the general populace would be with multiple Batmen and/or Jokers on-screen within months of one another.

So, to sum up: a gritty Joker origin movie, Joker and Harley Quinn, Gotham City Sirens, and The Batman, if these all see the light of day then perhaps those rumors of four Batman movies over the next few years wasn’t so off after all.

UPDATE on the Batman-related bit:

Matt Reeves has taken to twitter to clarify that yes, his Batman film will be set in the DC Universe, but will be a movie about Batman with no other Justice League cameos and the like.



  1. I don’t think audiences really get confused by distant actors. Look at the original Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man movies. Different actors sometimes telling the same story. When the character’s name is in the title, the audience knows what they’re about to watch. People have their favorite Joker, Batman, Spider-Man, etc. because there have been multiple versions over time.

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