While it’s a pretty dubious premise: a Joker origin movie directed by the guy who brought you The Hangover films, I have to admit, it’s pulling in a pretty stacked cast.

From star Joaquin Phoenix in the title role, to Deadpool 2/Atlanta standout Zazie Beetz, Robert DeNiro, Marc Maron, and maybe even Frances Conroy all signed up for roles in this thing.

Even at my most exhausted of the Joker, as I have to admit I am currently, this is still a cast I would watch read a phone book, much less pontificate on why a man would dress up like a clown and become a thorn in Batman’s side.

And now, they’ve scored their next casting coup as Alec Baldwin has signed aboard to play Thomas Wayne, according to the Wrap.

There’s no details out as of yet how these two characters would cross paths or have any involvement at all, but even in the comics it seems like there’s always some undiscovered wrinkle about Thomas Wayne that we didn’t know about until we do.

More importantly, I spent many years of my life sad that Baldwin, a man who in his younger days absolutely should have played Batman at some point (I mean, look at him in that above photo), ended up playing The Shadow instead, so this feels like a small measure of solace perhaps.

Joker hits theaters in October of next year and is the first film in DC’s Elseworlds imprint of films, possibly called DC Dark or DC Black.


  1. The Shadow was the main inspiration for Batman, so Baldwin went to the source!

    I sort of liked that 1994 movie. It wasn’t great but was watchable. Too bad it didn’t give Baldwin the franchise he wanted, after being booted from the Jack Ryan films (to make way for the more bankable Harrison Ford).

  2. always thought Baldwin would have made a better batman than Keaton, Kilmer, or Clooney. the story goes that burton choose his friend Keaton who he worked with on Beetlejuice to play batman. I was never too thrilled with the casting of the first few batman films, but if other people liked the folks burton chose, more power to them.

  3. I’m all in for this movie whenever it finally happens. It feels like a spiritual successor to the early types of comic book movies. Big actors, big character, goofy concept. Should be great if for nothing else than Phoenix and De Niro on screen together.

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