There have been a LOT of YA graphic novel deals announced of late at Scholastic. I haven’t even collected them all. But here’s a good one: Amy Kim Kibuishi is adapting her illustrated novel Rema as a two-book GN for Scholastic Grafix starting in 2019.

Some quick facts: The series is currently untitled, and I only use REMA as a work-in-progress title. The book is planned to be in color, but I will not color it. Colorist is to be announced. The first prose novel, for those few who read it, is being divided into two parts. I’m about 170 pages in with the roughs, around half-way through (yes this will be a long book!) and I can say for the first time in a decade it truly feels Rema is in its destined final form. As an author, it is such an amazing relief!!! Every page drawn is like “yes! Finally!!” Is anyone really surprised Rema is ending up being a GN series, given my history? Well, I guess I am a bit surprised, but here I am!

The story involves “Tabby Charon, who, after her father dies, travels to a distant world of magic and beauty where she meets a handsome boy and learns of her destiny.” Rema was originally serialized online for a couple of years as an illustrated novel. You can see a little wee bit more of it here. 

Kibuishi gained fame as part of the “Flight generation” of animation/comics crossover talents, and as Amy Ganter she wrote and drew Sorcerers & Secretaries back in the day. Since then she’s mostly worked in video games like Drop Dead Diner and the odd project, but I think it’s safe to say her cartooning is stunning and having her back in comics is wonderful news.