There was a line around the block to vote, but the line for my precinct was 5-10 minutes. So do not be disheartened.
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  1. Got there at 6:15, out by 6:30. This being NYC, there were lines (not too long) and grumbling. Great weather forecast for most of the country, and Obama “comfort workers” will be in Georgia and elsewhere, handing out water and snacks to people in line. (Chee… voting discrepancies, foreign observers, relief workers… it’s like we’re a Third World nation!)

    “Vote early and vote often.” –Al Capone

  2. I only waited for three minutes in line at 7am because Jersey City pretty much sleeps in as a whole. Then I went back to bed. But now I am wired and freaking out.

  3. Here in St. Louis, it took two hours from getting in line to walking out the door. Still totally worth it.

    And that Savage Dragon guy’s sure got a good finned-head on his shoulders!

  4. Took me 90 minutes here in Brooklyn; got in line at 8:45 and out at 10:15! But the local bakery was passing out free treats and a Monster Energy Drink truck drove up to pass out Java drinks. And anyway, in some places, people wait for days to vote and government thugs beat opposition supporters, so waiting on line for a bit in nice weather isn’t so bad.

  5. I walked in and was done five minutes later.

    I understand the enthusiasm and sentiment of the illo, but it would be extremely scary if anyone was REALLY influenced by the endorsement of a fictitious character.

  6. Fictitious character?

    You mean like “Joe the Plumber”?

    Wait… you mean we can’t beat opposition supporters? And here I just spent two hours waxing my “Board of Elections” cricket bat…

  7. Arrived at 7:05 (polls opened at 7:00 here), done at 7:40. Stood in line talking with total strangers about the relative merits of early voting, long primaries, the electoral college, and exit polls. One guy joked that he’d already voted for the 2012 election.

    Biggest point of confusion was that they had two precincts voting at the same location, each with its own line.

  8. We had a number of precincts voting in the same venue with various lines that made it look more packed up than it actually was. I live within walking distance of the venue here in Uptown New Orleans. (Lusher Elementary for those of you familiar with The Big Easy.) I walked in, voted and got back home in minutes. I was told at the school that our precinct lined up at 6:00 AM and that it had been smooth sailing ever since. I went back around noon with my daughter, who is voting for the first time in a national election and there was no wait to speak of.
    Very exciting. Very cool. Goodbye George W. Bush!

  9. sounds like cbrown and I may have been in the same line!

    About an hour and a half, but it was beautiful out, and people were in a great mood.

  10. Down here in the Florida Panhandle, there was no wait at my precinct at 1:00 pm; then again, I’m in unicorporated Bay County (it’s rural). Now, I will say that every booth (10 of them) was occupied once I stepped in to fill in my paper ballot; I’ve never seen more than 2 other voters at the same time in the 5 years of elections here. I was voter #193, according to the ballot scanner. My husband went to vote around 3:35 this afternoon and was home before 4:00 pm. Our precinct is about 7 1/2 miles from our house.