Among book publishing people, it has long been agreed that the final hurdle, the ultimate Holy Grail in mainstream acceptance of graphic novels as “real” books and the highest realm of sales success would be a selection by Oprah’s Book Club, the television-fueled reading club that can result in MILLIONS of additional sales for any book she chooses to anoint. Indeed, it’s been a popular parlor game for the GN crowd to try and figure out which book could break the barrier…LOVE AND ROCKETS? PERSEPOLIS? WATCHMEN? FUN HOME? KRAMERS ERGOT #7?

While the Book Club has yet to make a selection to pass the final frontier, at least one plateau has been reached: Sara Varon’s ROBOT DREAMS has been selected for Oprah’s Kids Reading List.

In this nearly wordless book, comic book-style illustrations tell the story of Dog and his best friend, Robot. When the two become separated, readers follow their separate—and very different—experiences, which are amusing, wistful and truly thought provoking.

Congrats to Sara — the selection is quite a kudos for her wonderful art and storytelling.


  1. Robot Dreams is not the first graphic novel on the lists (Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid is on the 10 – 12 Year-Old list and Shaun Tan’s The Arrival is on the 12 Years and Up list), but it is a great choice. I also recommend Sweaterweather, also by Sarah. Congrats to Sara and First-Second!

  2. Another comics connection on the list: Aaron Renier (“Sprial-Bound” from Top Shelf) made the list, as an illustrator for “The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great” by Gerald Morris.

  3. I had the pleasure of doing a panel discussion with Sara at last years Southern Festival of Books. She’s a really great person and incredibly talented artist.

    Congrats to you Sara and I hope this means many more fun books from you. You deserve it!