It’s only August, and already AHOY Comics is looking ahead to what they have in store for readers at the end of the year. Today The Beat is excited to exclusively reveal the AHOY Comics December 2022 solicitations. On offer from the publisher in December are a trio of titanic titles, including the continuations of a pair of sequel series, Mark RussellBryce Ingman, and Peter Krause‘s My Bad Season Two and Russell and Steve Pugh‘s Billionaire Island: Cult of Dogs, and the latest installment of Stuart Moore and Fred Harper‘s sauced sci-fi series, Highball.

Check out the AHOY Comics December 2022 solicitations below. Look for all three of these titles to arrive in stores and digitally at the end of this year.

(W) Mark Russell
(A) Steve Pugh
Cover A: Steve Pugh
Cover B: Liana Kangas

Billionaire Island still stands, but life is very different than it once was. With mercenaries at every turn and F-list stars struggling to survive, the lush life has taken a turn for the worse. Join us on a walking tour as we see what’s left of the island…and what’s in store for our hero, Business Dog!

Featuring cover A by co-creator Steve Pugh and incentive cover B by Liana Kangas (Black’s Myth).

December 14, 2022

(W) Stuart Moore
(A/C) Fred Harper

The “hop-forward sci-fi epic” [citation needed!] barrels toward, well, something! From his craft brewery in the fiery heart of a gas giant, the charismatic leader called REKKT plots galactic revolution. His motto: WAGMI! His new recruit: a reluctant HIGHBALL! The stakes: the fate of EARTH CORP! Or maybe just a wicked hangover.

December 21, 2022

(W) Mark Russell, Bryce Ingman
(A) Peter Krause
COVER A: Peter Krause
COVER B: Steve Lieber

The Chandelier! Acid Chimp! Steel Integrity! Good Karen! Dr. Do-Over! The Amazon! Monkeyman! The planet’s powerful-est personas pull together to hunt the pizza delivery guy who’s been trying—and failing—to kill masked heroes! PLUS! On their first date, Steel Integrity refers to Good Karen as his girlfriend! What is he thinking? The answer will make you cringe!

Featuring Cover B by Steve Lieber (One-Star Squadron, Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen’s Boss Perry White). For every 2 copies of cover A (Krause) ordered, retailers can order 1 copy of cover B (Lieber).

December 28, 2022