Who knew that a zombie girl and her supernatural friends had some of the same trials and tribulations as their living counterparts? Well, maybe not the same, but in ZomCom, the daily obstacles and silliness may not be identical, but we can all relate in some weird way.

Created by EmiMG, the sweet series about an undead girl is cute and funny, even when some of the visuals are kinda gross (she loses body parts a lot). Our zombie gal suffers from being too short amongst friends. She deals with annoying seabirds at the beach (a person pet peeve of mine) and loves playing practical jokes with her vampire and skeleton friends on the unsuspecting living. 

Each episode is short and the visuals tell the complete story of the day without much dialogue (if any at all). The colorful art and clever episode titles complete the overall pleasant vibe of the series. For a comic about a dead girl, it’s surprisingly heartwarming and charming. 

ZomCom updates on Webtoons three times a month. Begin the series here.