A healthy inheritance, a country villa, strange staff, and plenty of secrets…what else do you need for an intriguing mystery? In The Secrets of the Willson Family, Anna is about to uncover the hidden truths about her family after inheriting her late grandfather’s estate. Is she ready?

Created by MILL2, the new Webtoons series has all the puzzle pieces for a tantalizing, layered tale. Yes, Anna’s grandfather was a millionaire, but the whereabouts of his cash are still uncertain. The young girl inherits his villa, but not without secret messages, hidden rooms, and an incredibly strange and suspicious staff. Grandpa leaves her plenty of clues, but Anna must do more than unravel the knots and twists about her clan. There may be more than she’s ready to handle as well as others vying for the same payout. 

Mystery lovers have plenty to feast on and you as the reader can follow the breadcrumbs with Anna in finding out the truth. As for the art, the panels sport a muted color palette but there are moments of vibrancy, mimicking Anna’s light amidst the dreary, creepiness of the villa.

The Secrets of the Willson Family updates every Sunday. Begin reading the first few episodes for free here.

Secrets of the Willson Family