Axelia has only ever wanted to do one thing—slay monsters. She worked her butt off to train in the profession, becoming proficient with her trusty ax, and just as she’s graduating from Monster Hunter school, there is a peace accord between monsters and humans. Now what? In Axed, Axelia must figure out what to do with her useless skill set and no other options when it comes to paying the bills.

Written by Shren Patel and illustrated by Emi MG, the comedy series offers up a humorous look at a struggling, out of work monster slayer and the terrible jobs she must do to get by. Along the way, she encounters a series of monsters that she should be battling, but with the peace agreement, she can’t. Her ax hand is itching to show off her skills, so jobs like a lumberjack are her only outlet. She also keeps getting stuck with a slacker demon who constantly hits on any pretty face nearby as well as a wood nymph whose roots, as explained in the series description, “don’t quite reach the soil.”

There are plenty of laughs throughout the web series, and Axelia’s frustration and overzealous need to ax things add to the humor.  Her unlikely team-up with the demon and the wood nymph highlights her struggle even more. She should be slaying these annoying beasts, but instead, she’s forced to work minimum wage gigs with them.

Axed is available to read for free on Webtoons. The series updates every Wednesday and Sunday. To begin reading, click here.