When you can’t get a job in the hero business, you go where the work is, even if it’s working for the bad guys. For wannabe hero Ronald Bacon, finding a job is more important than who the boss is in Villain.

Written and illustrated by Spark Kim and translated by Sonya Moore, the web series centers on Ron, a recent graduate of the prestigious Hero Academy. Ron is what is called an inactive, meaning he has the potential for powers but they just won’t activate. That small hiccup makes it difficult to find a steady job in the superhero game. As Ron gets more depressed about his situation, an unexpected offer comes his way, but it is not what he thinks. He is offered a job working with the world’s most notorious villain, The Shark (real name Darren).

The story explores the concept that things are not always as black and white as we think they are or expect them to be. In the world of superpowers, being an inactive means you are a “spotty,” someone whose powers are either unreliable or they never manifest at all. The derogatory term makes it harder for you to find and keep a job, even if you are a licensed hero.

The longer Ron works for Darren, the blurrier the lines of hero and villain become. Granted, his boss still does crime, but he is actually a really good boss who is concerned about dust in the office triggering allergies and if the coffee is fresh enough for everyone. Maybe working for the other side isn’t that bad after all?

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