Renee Ahdieh’s New York Times bestselling book series has been transformed into a Webtoons comic this month, and in just a handful of episodes already has a captivated audience. The Wrath & The Dawn is described as “a reimagining of 1001 Nights” and brings to life the mysterious, exotic world filled with murder, mystery, passion, and an oppressive curse affecting both the Caliph and the poor women he takes as his wives.

Every night, Khalid the Caliph takes a new bride, and at sunrise he makes the call to have her executed. While the kingdom cowers in fear for the next new bride (and the anxiety of waiting to learn who will be chosen next), one woman, Shahrzad, steps up and volunteers to marry him. No one is sure why anyone would make this choice knowing how the other women have fared in the past, but Shahrzad has a plan. Not only will she survive, but she will stop him from killing anymore people.

While Stephen Lamm handles the storytelling on the comic, Silvester Vitale brings his gorgeous art style to every panel. The artist creates a richly detailed backdrop for the intriguing tale, especially on pages featuring locations like the Caliph’s opulent palace or the streets of the surrounding village.

The Wrath & The Dawn currently has four episodes up on Webtoons and is scheduled to update every Tuesday. Catch up before the next installment posts.

The Wrath & The Dawn The Wrath & The Dawn

In a previous version of this post we did not credit Stephen Lamm as the writer of the series who is adapting Ahdieh’s  book. The credits have been corrected.