I am a big fan of anthologies, vignettes, and television shows like The Twilight Zone where the stories are self-contained but part of a larger, disturbing universe. There is something intriguing about a quick tale that doesn’t need much exposition but gives you just enough to get caught up in the world and feel what the characters are feeling at that very vulnerable moment. That is what drew me into The Other Side on Ciayo Comics.

Written by The Rads and with art by Nyoenyo, each episode is its own creepy tale and very reminiscent of horror short compilations that not only seek to scare you but also teach a bit of a lesson in the process (see Episode 4 specifically). Some entries, however, are just straight-up horrific and not for the faint of heart (or stomach). The mix is a nice blend of the many styles of scary, which will appeal to nearly every fan of the genre. Certain tales even have an urban legend vibe to them, with familiar wraiths haunting dark streets, abandoned paths, hospitals, and old houses.

There are currently 13 episodes plus an index of the ghouls, ghosts, and monsters found in each. The creators based many of their episodes on actual stories and mythologies from different cultures, making the horror series even more fascinating, especially if you’re into folklore and legends.

Readers should be warned, however, that some installments are quite graphic. Some may find certain images triggering or just too disturbing to look at. The good thing is whatever your brand of scary, the series has enough to fulfill your creepy quota for the Halloween season. From eerie to gory, the horror spectrum is covered. And the art works perfectly in each instance.

To get started in The Other Side, begin reading on Ciayo Comics’ website.

The Other Side

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