Fairy tales, fables, and riddles have been a staple for generations, offering adults and children alike stories filled with magic, wonder, and of course lessons about an array of topics. Whether the story is meant as a cautionary tale or an escape into a fantastic realm much different than everyday life, fairy tales hold an important place in our lives. For Ari and her spirit buddy Hadley in The Masked Fables, these narratives are the backbone of a magical mission designed to save both of them.

Created by Ebae Kim, the web series features a colorful world of magic and mystery with Ari as our eyes into the realm. Despite being consumed by a mysterious illness, the protagonist is charming, funny, and optimistic. Hadley, the more cautious of the two, is missing his body and is determined to keep Ari on track for both their sakes. All they have to go on is a scroll with riddles that reference familiar faces from fairy tales, with Snow White the first on the list. As the pair works their way through the first of the riddles, it becomes apparent that what we, the audience, know about these famous stories may soon be turned on its ear.

The Masked Fables is a fun read that offers a fresh retelling of stories we’ve heard for hundreds of years, and with Ari and Hadley’s mission tying it all together, readers can easily become immersed in the enchanting universe.

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The Masked Fables