Noah Van Sciver is one of the best young male cartoonists out there, showing growing mastery with books from The Hypo to his award-winning autobiographical turns in Blammo. He’s doing a comic strip for Columbus Alive, his local paper, called “The Introvert Club.” As you might guess from the title, it  does nothing to dispel his place as one of the finest contemporary practitioners of the “A cartoonist’s life is a lonely one” school of comics. But it’s very well done, equal parts art history, local lore and, my favorite, 90s nostalgia.


Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to find the whole strip on the site unless you just search for the title.  Here’s the intro strip.


Van Sciver’s also working on a graphic memoir called “One Dirty Tree”. It’s

 about growing up in a poor, unsteady Mormon family and its effects 20 years later in my life trying to hold together a relationship of my own and while making a name for myself in alternative comics. I update the story nearly everyday barring bouts of depression and self -doubt over here on my patreon

A few excerpts here: