There are strings that bind your soul. This energy dates back to when the world was first created and the gods behind it all crafted these strings into what we know (and don’t fully understand) today. In Stray Souls, we see what happens when people try to take on the role of the gods, manipulating the strings and controlling everyone and everything around them.

Created by Maf, the fantasy series takes place in the fictional world of Krasia where young people are drafted into schools to learn how to weave these soul strings. We see the world through Eylin’s eyes, and while she struggles with the skills to move and work said strings, she does seem to be resistant to certain magical manipulations.

Eylin’s friend Niraim is particularly adept at string weaving, but both “students” are searching for a way out of the prison in which they are forced to remain. Where Eylin remembers nothing from her time before living in House Navreal, Niraim remembers quite a bit, which is unusual since their minds should have been wiped. As the two plan their escape, there are obviously bigger issues at hand, such as a mysterious Amethyst King seeking ultimate power.

The art in the series is gorgeous, with each page cleanly laid out in a style perfect for a fantasy narrative. The colors also work well, with earth tones of the real world juxtaposed against vibrant purples, blues, and bright oranges when magic is at play.

Stray Souls currently has four episodes on Webtoons and updates every Sunday. Now is the perfect time to jump on before the next installment posts.

Stray Souls