Ayden Jones is just trying to get over his ex and live his life to the best of his ability. He’s a charming, good-looking guy who goes about his day as normally as possible, whether that is working a freelance bouncer gig or grabbing a drink at his favorite watering hole. Well, normal, except for that voice in his head all day every day. Enter Maggie, the cute barista Ayden flirts with every time he grabs his overpriced cup of Joe from the trendy coffee shop nearby. Turns out that Maggie has some secrets of her own and they may be just what Ayden needs to get to the bottom of the supernatural voice that haunts him. Welcome to Soul on Hold by Austen Marie.

The featured Webtoons series only has three episodes up so far, but they are engaging enough to keep you coming back for more. The characters are normal, friendly, relatable people that you’d expect to meet at your own local coffee shop. Ayden, despite being a little sad about a past relationship, is a relatively optimistic protagonist. While he may feel sad and lonely at times, he really is trying to make the most out of his day. His flirtation with Maggie is adorable and their exchanges as he orders his coffee are fun to read without being overly saccharine.

As for that pesky voice in his head that has a comment for nearly everything he does? Well, we’ll just have to see what it is, although there is a brief glimpse at something supernatural following Ayden. And what is Maggie’s connection to all of this? It seems fate may have brought them together to figure it all out.

If you like your fantasy with a little bit of humor and love, Soul on Hold may be just what you are looking for. Begin reading on Webtoons and watch for new episodes every Wednesday.

Soul on Hold


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