In Bravo by Casey Nowak, a woman awakes from suspended animation to find herself alone in space… well, alone except for her awful cat, Judy (who has beat the 50/50 odds against her survival of hibernation), and a computer program named Bravo.

The action begins when Wharton is awakened by Bravo. Bravo states that because a bioscan indicated prolonged mental distress, Wharton has been awakened in order to take part in verbal therapy, so as to avoid hibernation psychosis.

However, because Wharton has been awakened by Bravo, a transfer to the Contingent Suite is swiftly arranged. It turns out that historically, long-term space missions have been known to see their passengers awaken from suspended animation and subsequently be forced to endure the journey in real time. As a result, the Contingent Suite has been advertised as the height of luxury – so that if you are subjected to a hibernation pod malfunction, you’ll at least enjoy the journey afterwards.

Details like this hint at the unique (and yet upsettingly familiar) world that we are being introduced to through Bravo. With only six entries having been released so far, now is the perfect time to board this shuttle bound for parts unknown.

As readers of the Ignatz Award-winning Girl Town are already aware, Nowak has a penchant for finding the perfect intersection of the science fiction genre with the personal. On a related note, in one of the Tweets announcing the webcomic, they stated that the series would explore self-harm and hereditary metal illness; however, the Tweet also noted that disturbing content will be accompanied with a warning.

You can support Bravo directly through Nowak’s Patreon, which will also give you access to the weekly updates a few days early (and will include access to any content Nowak deems too extreme for Twitter). And if you’d like to read more of their work, you can download some PDFs through their Gumroad (with several available for $0+, including the excellent Bodyseed prologue).

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