We all have parts of our lives that we’d consider doing over. Whether you want to revisit high school (no thanks) or you’d avoid saying that horrible thing you said in that heated argument you had, the opportunity for a second chance is tempting. In Rebirth, turning back time and changing your past is actually a possibility but what do those changes do for the future?

Created by Michi, the sci-fi webcomic centers on Noah, who wakes up and is given an opportunity to redo parts of his life, specifically with his wife and children. He goes back to the day before an eclipse sends the world into apocalyptic darkness that also alters humanity in devastating ways. It is apparent that there is tension between Noah and his wife as well as a strained relationship with one of his children, his son Neo, and from the hints rebirthed Noah drops, he wasn’t that great of a person to anyone in his life. This incarnation, however, is making a concerted effort to be better and even offset the devastating effects of the impending end of the world.

Alongside the complicated characters is the larger issue—Armageddon brought on by an eclipse. Not only does the event change some people into zombies, but evolution causes others to develop powers, making the comic a mixed bag of sci-fi and horror elements to create an interesting, layered concept.

Rebirth updates on Wednesdays on Webtoons. Start reading the free series here.