Tiny people in a giant world! It’s a SF and comics staple, and it gets a welcome new variation in COLOSSI, by writer Ricardo Mo, artist Alberto Muriel and colorist Stelladia. It’s one of a line of books from Vault Comics, a plucky upstart comics company that specializes in SF and fantasy comics, with the queer barbarian adventure HEATHEN getting a good bit of attention.

Issue #3 of Colossi comes out next week, and both #1 and #2 are sold out at Diamond. So to get you up to speed, Vault has graciously allowed The Beat to make both issues available for FREE for you to read right now. Issue #2 will be posted tomorrow.

The set-up: Trans Atmos Shuttle 34 has disappeared into a wormhole and pilot Cee must guide a group of disparate and squabbling passengers through a parallel Earth where they  are tiny enough to fit into a dollhouse. But the critters and other humans of this strange world are..colossal.


Click to access Colossi_01_RC.pdf




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