You may have seen this floating around yesterday. It’s the work of Owlturd Comics. This internet humorist is up to date with his targets and posts images so big that even your Uncle Fred who lost his reading classes will have no problem reading them. The creator, Shen, does a similar comic for Webtoon called Blue Chair. Owlturd and Blue Chair alternate days, I think.

Taken together, they have 5.1 million followers on Webtoons alone.




Shen’s subjects are the usual: internet memes, self-doubt, cats. Daily laughs in comics form are the Fifth Human Need, right after food, shelter, sex and drugs. Ask Beetle Bailey.



  1. I’ll be honest. I have no idea why this comic and other comics like it are so popular. Is there something I’m missing? Owlturd, Sarah’s scribbles, brutally honest and a lot of gag-a-day comics are exactly the same.

    That being said I love this comic: http://webcomicname.com because it takes all these webcomic cliches and critiques them by making comics that are even more simplified.

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