Lumine is a sad little werewolf. The poor guy is just trying to make a living, but taking a job as a bodyguard doesn’t seem to work out so well for him. Tossed out with no money, his only choice is to sleep on the street. That is where he meets a young witch named Kody, and soon after, his father Aiden, who immediately hires him to protect his son. Despite Kody’s attempt to keep Lumine at more than arm’s length, the two must rely on each other whether they want to or not.

Created by Emma Krogell, the fantasy series is both charming and mysterious. From the fact that Lumine calls himself a weredog and not a werewolf (why?!) to the real reason Aiden wants Kody to have a bodyguard, the narrative is filled with layers of story to make you keep reading. And Lumine is super cute when he transforms into his were-form.

The clean art style and the concise storytelling approach make it an easy yet fun read. Each character has a distinct voice and Kody’s stare/stank eye is impressive.

Lumine has more than 100 episodes and two seasons currently available to read on Webtoons. Begin reading here and watch for updates every Sunday.