In Girls Like You by Goatpunch, a pizza delivery leads to high school romance! But no matter how sweet the love story, there always has to be some complications…

Girls Like You

When Bernie delivers a pizza to Velma’s house, it’s love at first slice!

The next day at school, Bernie musters the courage to ask Velma out! But she forgets to include her phone number (oh no).

Fortunately, Velma knows Bernie is the one who left the note… and gives her another chance at sharing her number! Soon the pair are texting one another non-stop, and Velma invites Bernie to brunch. How will their first date play out…?

Girls Like You is a sweet story about the early days of romance. The story includes plenty of adorable details, like the text messages exchanged between the characters and the reactions their parents have to their new relationship. Plus, there are plenty of cute moments as the couple flirts and gets to know one another better!

One aspect of the story that is sure to delight many readers is Bernie’s mother, who is supportive of the relationship (even suggesting that Velma could teach Bernie some manners). However, the course of love never did run true smooth, and Velma’s mother is not accepting of the burgeoning romance.

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