In Live Forever Sarah’s world gets knocked off its axis when her mother suddenly dies of cancer, and as the young girl struggles with the loss, the temptation of finding a way to never lose someone again becomes too strong. When she discovers a formula that will lead to eternal life, she doesn’t realize at first the dangerous problem she’s triggering.

Written and illustrated by Raul Trevino, the story brings to life what anyone who has lost someone they care about struggles with. Why did that person have to die? Whether they were too young or their illness or accident too devastating, or even if they had lived a full life and you were just not ready to let them go, death is a hard pill to swallow. It is not uncommon to wish for immortality, at least for those closest to you, but as Sarah’s mysterious neighbor Samuel explains, if every fish kept on living in the sea, there’d be no room for new little ones.

The black and white art features splashes of red here and there to accent specific elements, mainly blood, which, as the story unfolds, is a key part of a formula that challenges death. For Sarah, is her grief so intense that she is tempted to mess with the natural order of things? She soon learns that while her grief can be quelled and she’ll keep those she cares for, the results of this action will lead to a much larger crisis.

Live Forever functions on a few levels, which is why it is such an appealing story. It taps into the pain and emotions we all face when someone dies. It is also a fantastic thriller/horror tale filled with mysterious characters and details that slowly reveal themselves as the story progresses.

The complete series is available to read on Webtoons now. Click here to begin.

Live Forever