As we mentioned earlier today, as e celebrate the 100th birthday of Jack “King” Kirby, he was a master of all comics genres. From helping invent superheroes with Captain America, to  romance with the groundbreaking Young Romance to “kids teams” with Newsboy Legion and Boys Ranch, to comics as literature with Marvel and DC, to creator owned comics with Captain Victory and Destroyer Duck – Jack was on the scene.

There are a few public domain Kirby comics out there, mostly from his long collaboration with Joe Simon. Here’s a few:


Science Comics #4 (1940)

Some VERY early SF from Kirby with Joe Simon, under a pseudonym. Only 23, his work is still just beginning to emerge.


0 (1).jpg

Stuntman #1 (1946)

Just a few years in and the vintage Kirby begins to emerge, with the eccentric character designs and sure composition very clear. Also better coloring. And cover credits.



My Date #2 (1947)

Simon and Kriby were masters of the romance genre, with sories that were surprisingly sophisticated for their time. As this story begins, it seems fairly staid, but by page two the famed Kirby dynamism has begun to peak uot; he coudln’t help himself.

0 (2).jpg

Race for the Moon (1958)

Golden age comcis nerds take note: Jack Kriby inked by EC and Star Wars great Al Williamson, in top notch SF spectacle. This is Kirby going strong, as he would for the next 30 years.

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