Be honest. We are all a little obsessed with social media. Some, however, share every second of their day with complete strangers, forgetting all sense of safety just to have a little online fame. In A Life Through Selfies, the dangers of putting yourself on display are front and center. 

Created by Arianna Arras (who also uses her name as the main character in the mystery web series), the comic is told through a series of selfies. One panel, one pic, and a little caption, just as if you were scrolling through Instagram. It’s a slow, slow burn, and it does take quite a few installments to get to the mystery and creep factor, but it also moves kind of quickly since each entry is just one panel. 

As you would imagine, the main character, who wants to be a model and actress, is using social media to gain fame. Instead, she has attracted a stalker. Who this person is and how they find her is the mystery. The scary part is that this narrative is not all that farfetched in our digital world, and sometimes we put a little too much on the big scary internet. 

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Life Through Selfies