Are you searching for love? Do you feel as if every attempt you make at connecting with another person is filled with stress, anxiety, and super awkward moments? If so, How to Love may be the answer to your troubles.

Brought to you by Dorris McComics (aka Alex Norris) on Webtoons, the endearing series is described as “a heart-warming, heart-cooking, heart-eating, heart-digesting guide to love.” Each episode tackles a topic about…well…love. Finding it, keeping it, letting it go when it is time, using pets to fill the gap where it should be, how to flirt to achieve it, and so much more.

Alongside the sound advice are illustrations that often show a much more accurate, if not scary and darker, version of the guide’s topic. Hearts literally get ripped out of chests. People love so hard they maim or kill the recipient. The hearts that represent feelings suffocate the object of your affection or you.

My favorite is episode 14, which centers on handholding and how new love makes you want to be in constant physical contact with that person, even if your need for connection occurs at inappropriate times like in the bathroom.

Despite the humorous illustrations, the message in each installment is heartwarming. Like in episode 14 (again). The theme goes deeper than actual handholding. At first new love is a bit awkward, and you may walk into obstacles or worry that what you do or say is the wrong thing. But once you’ve figured out how to be with that person (when you’ve mastered handholding) it is no longer so weird. You don’t need that person constantly attached. Just knowing they are nearby is enough because they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

To begin reading How to Love, click here. You’ll laugh a little, relate a lot, and maybe learn a bit more about love in the process.

How to Love