In HoverGirls by Geneva Bowers, cousins Jalissa and Kim Vasquez are baristas at Big Chain Coffee by day, and – when the rain really picks up – they’re also the only thing standing between the city of Los Aguaceros and monstrous aquatic destruction!

The HoverGirls protect Los Aguaceros.

But our heroes have their sights set on more than just staving off the underwater monsters that seem unable to resist attacking Los Aguaceros. Kim is hoping to hit the big time as a designer and finally get the recognition she feels she’s entitled to, insisting they wear carefully coordinated outfits and post some stylish crime-fighting pics to social media as they defeat any threat faced by Los Aguaceros (#HoverGirls).

HoverGirls are going to get on trending, or whatever.

Meanwhile, Jalissa just wants to make sure they don’t get fired from their coffee-slinging gig – hey, somebody has to pay the rent, and how else are they going to pay for the telenovela channels she needs to watch All My Bambinos?

Even with a surly attitude, an ally who actually has your back is an invaluable resource.

The action begins just after the cousins have relocated to Los Aguaceros from Podunkville. After a day at the beach gets rained out, Kim and Jalissa are attacked by a floating, glowing anglerfish! Fortunately, that’s when they discover that they may be more adept at fighting magical glowing fish than they suspect…

The HoverGirls have some very relatable problems.

In addition to crisp art, delightful colors, and some amazing outfits, the comic is laugh out loud hilarious. Not only do the characters have amazing dialogue (especially Jalissa), but there are plenty of clever background gags as well. Plus, HoverGirls is a completed comic, so you can read the entire story now!


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