Is the monster under your bed really a terrifying creature or just a friendly, misunderstood buddy from another realm? And how much can one teenager take when life’s real-world woes rest solely on his shoulders? Find out the answers in Heart Anthology, a series featuring entries from Webtoons’ 2020 short story contest from earlier this year.

The first story “The Monster Under My Bed” is brought to you by Marvin W. and centers on Sasha, a young girl who discovers that monsters do exist in the dark under her bed frame. They just aren’t what you’d expect. The touching, feel-good tale follows Sasha from childhood to adulthood and how her unlikely friendship develops over time. It’s sweet and funny, and for anyone who has always felt as if they were a little different, it demonstrates how relationships don’t have to follow any rules to be real.

In the second story, “Counting the Days” by Caw-Chan, Henry is overwhelmed. The teen is too young to be carrying the responsibility he does, and his depression gets worse every day. His friends are his lifeline, but the reality of his home life makes it hard for him to even connect with them on certain days. Henry needs a break from the stress, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

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Heart Anthology