October is my favorite. Besides the fall weather and pumpkin everything (yes, I can be a little basic sometimes), I freakin’ love Halloween. I also love nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and people who turn already questionable children’s classics into terrifying stories. Have You Any Fear? hits every checkbox.

With a variety of creators adding their talents to the ten-episode horror anthology series, the Webtoons webcomic amplifies the quiet sinister side of these rhymes and narratives meant for kids. Many of these stories have dark origins, and while these versions are fresh and unique, the essence of that darkness is there, times a million.

Some are twisted versions that only reference the originals, like “Ring Around the Rosie” by Ben Templesmith, taking the concept of the lyrics to new, cultish levels. The second episode is based on “Bobby Shafto’s Gone to Sea” (written by James Maddox, illustrated by Morgan Beem, lettered by David Stoll, and edited by Bekah Cadden). While not as popular as some of the other tunes used, this one might be my favorite installment. The creative team weaves a tragic, creepy ghost story based on the centuries-old rhyme and uses the unique art style to enhance the surreal quality of the piece.

If you are looking for something seasonal and perfectly disturbing, begin reading Have You Any Fear? here.

Have You Any Fear