In The Sweetness of Salt by shooshell (A.K.A. Michelle), which you can read on Tapas now, Leah is a young witch who is feeling lost in her life. In order to gain some perspective, she visits her Aunt Cecelia’s seaside cottage (which she can only access by magically summoning a key).

Sweetness of Salt
Everything a witch needs!

Soon, Leah is relaxing at the beach and trying to gain some peace of mind when a mermaid surprises her. Leah panics and runs back to her Aunt’s house, but the mermaid follows her, transforming into human form to bring back Leah’s bucket (also, she’s naked, so it’s an especially flirty meet-cute). After introducing herself as Sha, the mermaid agrees to return to Leah’s house for dinner at sundown.

Leah goes hunting for seafood in the ocean.

When Sha arrives for their date, Leah has a full meal prepared (and she even lets Sha borrow a dress – I guess the Children of the Sea aren’t much for clothes). But can a witch and a mermaid find common ground? And is it possible that there may be consequences to a romance between the pair?

Sweetness of Salt
Sha in The Sweetness of Salt

The Sweetness of Salt boasts a very cute romance and some beautiful art, with the depictions of aquatic life and seafood each being especially well done.

Sweetness of Salt
Leah and Sha share a romantic meal in The Sweetness of Salt.

In addition to reading The Sweetness of Salt on Tapas, you can also catch up with the series on Webtoon, if you’d prefer.

Sweetness of Salt
Did someone say Fisherman’s Stew?

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