Lucid Memories
Not quite leaving Tennessee in Lucid Memories.

In Lucid Memories by Audi, the story begins en media res: no sooner have you begun the first episode than a terrible car accident takes place!

The driver is Mason Lockwood, a 21 year old who soon wakes up in a hospital room in recovery.

However, while he may have survived the accident, his recovery is plagued by a series of very strange dreams! First, he finds himself in a location that seems like some kind of storage facility, but with locks that don’t resemble the usual security measures.

Soon, he encounters a man named August Moon. This enigmatic stranger seems to know much more about the situation than he’s letting on… and he wants to know everything about Mason. As the interrogation begins, it becomes clear that Mason has retained very little of his identity in the wake of the accident… but August promises he can help… via a game show?!

But how does August know so much about Mason and his situation? Does such an offer come with strings attached? And just what is it about August that keeps him at the forefront of Mason’s mind, even during his waking hours?

August Star, August Sun, and August Mars are today’s judges on Lucidosity’s sub-show!

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