In Folklore, written by Adam Ma and illustrated by Colin Tan Wei, the world was once populated by superhumans and humans alike… But when the worldwide empire succumbs to civil war, a weapon called the Ark is deployed. Designed to de-power superhumans, the device is successful in some cases – but it causes death or mutation in others!


It quickly becomes clear that deploying the Ark may not have been the best course of action, resulting in worldwide devastation and chaos (not to mention being tantamount to an act of genocide). In the brave new world that ensues, Folklore follows a group of characters as they attempt to prolong their survival!

Folklore features incredible art, with especially arresting settings and depictions of technology, and top-notch character facial expressions. Plus, it affords a glimpse into a superhero story that plays out in some very unexpected ways (even if you think you’ve already read every cape comic under the sun).

There are currently seven issues of Folklore posted on the website, so you can take the time before the eighth is released to catch up on the story. Plus, if you still can’t get enough Folklore, you can check out this prose short story, which takes place after issue six of the comic!


You can directly support Folklore through the Random Encounter Comics Patreon page. And if you’re interested in physical copies of the comic, those are available as well.


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