In Sparks by revel, which you can read for free right now on Tapas, both Philo and Atlas are Satyr students at a magic academy who are training for their future careers. But when Philo accidentally teleports them both beyond the Ares River during a training exercise, they must seek shelter for the night.


As Philo and Atlas locate a human family (who immediately agree to house them once they’ve spotted the Academy uniforms), readers will learn about their world (and their character dynamics) in interesting and organic ways.

We soon discover that while Atlas has set it sights on the highest of goals, with politically conscious plans to become the new Arch-Mage, Philo assumes his lack of skill with magic will see him assigned to a human town – where he assumes he will be able to shirk his responsibilities.

Plus, it isn’t just through cleverly crafted dialogue that we get information about the magic system in the comic: out-of-continuity bonus episodes that allows the characters to directly address the world building with the reader are interspersed throughout the 128 currently available episodes.

Eventually, Philo and Atlas make it back to the Academy, and readers soon meet more interesting characters (and learn more about the interesting mechanics of this fantasy world). 

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