Sometimes you need to read a story that is so positive and uplifting that it makes you forget what a dumpster fire of a year you’ve had. That is what Down to Earth does best.

Created by Pookie Senpai, the romance webcomic follows Kade, an average dude just trying to get by. He works an unfulfilling retail job, lives with his cat, plays his video games to unwind, and tries (unsuccessfully) to move on from a failed relationship with someone who has been hard to forget. But when an adorable alien girl named Zaida crashes her spaceship in his backyard, Kade suddenly has a new perspective on life.

The art is colorful and fluid, but it’s the characters that tug on your heartstrings and make you click the next episode whether or not you really have time to read another one. Zaida may be the most adorable green-haired alien to grace a page. She’s curious, empathetic, and caring, and no matter how many times Kade clams up when they get too close, she continues to show him affection and support. And because of this, Kade has no choice but to pay attention. Despite fighting it and clinging to an old relationship that wasn’t meant to be, Kade suspects this crazy alien girl may be the key to opening up his heart once more. And how can you not fall in love with her incorrect usage of Earth words or her innocent, wide-eyed excitement for mundane things like cupcakes and television?

If you don’t smile while reading Down to Earth there may be no hope for you. As someone who favors horror over sappy romance, I found myself giggling like a preteen and feeling all the feels as I delved deeper into the sweet story.

To begin reading, head to Webtoons. The series updates every Tuesday.

Down to Earth