How would you feel if you woke up one day and your sibling was not only missing but you were the only person who remembered their existence? In Do You Remember, Amber Everton and his best friend Wes are the only two people who know that Aaron was part of the family. Even grandma is clueless!

Created by Mallowboo on Webtoons, the web series mixes mystery and magic to create a supernatural web for readers to untangle. As Amber and Wes begin to figure out what happened to Aaron, they soon realize there are some pretty dark forces lurking in the shadows and their family is right in the middle. 

There are hints from the beginning that their town has a magical and complicated foundation, beginning with the sacred body of water that according to legend appeared overnight to make the land flourish. Now, school children visit it to receive their “blessings.” The lake has a darker power as well: if you’re evil it’ll make your eyes change color and you’re going to hell. 

The story has an interesting mythology attached to it that sets up the mystery of missing Aaron quite nicely. There are also some reveals later on that point to something much more layered than good and evil and magic at play. 

Do You Remember updates every Thursday. Click here to begin reading. 

Do You Remember