UPDAYE: YES YES – I SCREWED THIS UP. Dirk is still with us and delightful.

I make no promises for the contents, but in honor of the passing of his Battlestar Balactica co-star Richard Hatch, here’s a free issue of Dirk Benedict in the 25th Century #0, written by Benedict himself with Scott Phillips and art by Silvio Daniel Kiko. It’s published by Storm/Stormfront, as part of their “comics based on nerdlebrities” line that also includes Adam West, Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt. Weird, I know, but whatever gets you through the night.

Benedict is of course best known for his roles in the OG Battlestar Galactica, The OG A Team and countless convention appearances.


  1. I went from “Wait, what? Benedict too?” (no he hasn’t, but sic transit gloria) to “Wait, what? Stormfront?”… Worst comics publisher name ever!…

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