Laws are supposed to protect and keep order, but even mundane regulations don’t always do what their creators intended. Can you imagine a world where everyone is allowed one murder a year? That is the universe of Death: Rescheduled. 

Created by Snailords on Webtoons, the thriller webcomic follows Kreyul, a young man born into a brutal world where criminals and civilians alike get to have one murder every year with no consequence. While some might see this as justice, others know the horrific custom just makes people bloodthirsty. It also gives terrible people an out. Kreyul learns early on that he cannot be part of this practice and begins a mission to change people–and the law. 

The comic is brutal, but that’s the point. Anyone can be turned into a murderer under the right conditions, whether they are hurt, someone they love has been hurt, or they feel as if law enforcement isn’t doing enough to police the world to safety. As Kreyul tries to point out, violence isn’t the answer, even against creepers and serial killers. The comic also takes an interesting look at how humans react when they think their rights–even murder rights–are being violated. Pretty appropriate nowadays huh?

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Death: Rescheduled