We have all caught ourselves doing strange things, like getting a little too aggressive about our snacks or forgetting someone’s name even though we’ve hung out with them several times. Sometimes our adult life is overwhelmed by habits and hang-ups from childhood that we can’t get over. Whatever it is, we’re just trying to get through life, just like Dami Lee and her ‘toon counterpart in As Per Usual.

The web series is a funny, honest look at the silly, embarrassing, and even overwhelming things that happen to everyone. Whether we feel judged by the barista for our boba order or inadvertently misuse catchphrases in front of friends and family, we are all humans trying to navigate the crazy world around us without falling on our faces too often.

Each episode is a quick look at the embarrassment of the day. The art is simple and Lee’s characters are adorable, even when they are raging. The style lends itself to the short, funny takes on real-life worries and wackiness. One of my favorites is in episode 8 where friends are worried about huge, life-altering, worldly issues, and our main girl is fretting about slipping on ice and falling into a domino effect of chaos. Too true.

For a relatable, humorous way to laugh at your own crazy thoughts and insecurities, start reading As Per Usual today on Webtoons. The series updates every Monday and Thursday.

As Per Usual