Running a tavern on Hero’s Road is no walk in the park! The three wizard brothers, Ebus, Shelby, and Wetzel, have their work cut out for them in Just Pancakes by HadeToons (a three-person team that includes pants-wearer Adrian, English student Maggie, and David on storyboards).

Just Pancakes
Makin’ toast!

The Webtoon series follows the trio of wizards in their day-to-day adventures running their tavern, The Dirty Cauldron. However, there are plenty of challenges awaiting them, including filing the business’s taxes, taking the long journey to empty the trash bag, and refilling the jar of pickles. Plus, running a restaurant in a fantasy world comes with it’s own unique hazards (such as the consequences of having your customer restroom located in a pocket parallel dimension).

Just Pancakes
When you have to refill the pickle jar…

One repeated feature, “Cooking with Wetzel,” gives you a chance to get a better sense for the culinary style of the wizard chef as he helps those cooking at home get a handle on the tricky technicalities of making certain specialty dishes (including cereal with milk).

Just Pancakes
Cooking with Wetzel

In addition to the three brothers, the crew at the restaurant also includes Toby. What secrets might this diminutive, quiet character be keeping?

Just Pancakes
Just Pancakes!

Another very nice feature of the comic is the way it takes advantage of the Webtoon format. Each episode on Webtoon has a preview image, and Just Pancakes always features a stack of pancakes that have been altered to include a visual element from each respective episode. This is doubly effective on the Webtoon app, where you can scroll up and down an increasingly tall stack of flapjacks.

You can follow Hadetoons on instagram to keep track of updates and see new artwork, plus, be sure to check out Just Pancakes on the Webtoon website or app if you’re looking for a tasty, filling comedy with no preservatives and all-natural ingredients!