Who doesn’t love a good true crime-esque mystery to unravel? In WebtoonsChasing Tails, Detective Lieutenants Jeongdo Kwon and Yeongchae Shin along with Dr. Yeongwha Ju have quite a puzzle to piece together. 

Created by BASHI, the thrilling web series centers on the wild case of nine college students getting trapped in a building collapse for two weeks. It’s hot, they must drink water leaking from the roof, and they must conserve the little bit of bread one student had in his pack. Only six survive the impossible situation and only four of them are able to even talk about what happened.

This becomes complicated when the detectives and specialist Dr. Ju start to walk through the evidence and witness statements. Something awful occurred, especially when they see the mangled corpses inside the wreckage (and the injuries are not because of the collapse).

The comic is creepy and intense, but also great for readers who like to play amateur sleuth. There are plenty of clues thrown around and just when you think you have it figured out, something new enters the mix. 

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Chasing Tails