I have to admit something before I go any further. I think Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday. It’s always been silly to me, even when I was a starry-eyed teen angsting over a cute boy in high school. But if you are looking for a cute Vday tale, even if you are a Love Day curmudgeon like me, Brass & Sass checks all the boxes.

Created by Antlerella, the Webtoons romance comic series centers on Camilla, a high schooler looking to join the school band despite her lack of musical ability. While the beautiful melody draws her into the music room, handsome Victor, star musician, seals the deal. Too bad he’s a little gruff, or as the series description calls him, “a real brass-hole.”

The webcomic is sweet, funny, and charming. It has teenage crushes and friendships as well as the age-old “where do I fit in” trope in stories centering on adolescents. Camilla is adorable and her charisma is infectious, making even crabby Victor soften. 

To begin reading Brass & Sass, click here. The comic updates every Thursday.

Brass & Sass