Dating is tough. Apps are supposed to help you navigate the daunting world of getting to know someone and potentially forming a romantic bond. Who would ever expect swiping right and matching up with a pantheon of gods looking to fulfill a prophecy? For Joanna in #Blessed dating just got a little more epic.

Created by M. Victoria Robado, the story centers on mid-twenties social media/dating expert Joanna. While she has helped many with their love lives, her own is severely lacking. After hesitantly downloading a dating app and swiping right to see what happens, she ends up matched with a pantheon of gods looking to fulfill an ancient prophecy: produce a human/god baby to save the world. With seven gods to choose from (all promising a nice dinner first, of course), Joanna is more than overwhelmed. 

The adorable story offers a mix of genres. It’s sweet and hilarious at times (particularly in the first few episodes as the gods attempt to woo her). There are also some fantasy elements as well as romance and a tad bit of drama. It is also an inclusive story. Joanna is a bisexual woman and the gods are a mix of genders from different realms. In a funny moment when discussing producing a child, Joanna tries to explain that human biology requires a few things to make a baby, but the gods soon remind her that gender means nothing when you are part of a pantheon.

In a world that is constantly on edge and filled with awful, terrible things, a story like #Blessed is a welcome distraction. Begin reading on Webtoons here. The comic updates every Friday.