When you were a kid, you probably thought about how cool it would be to grow up and do all those awesome things adults got to do that you couldn’t. Drive a car. Have a drink. Come and go as you please. Then you actually grew up. Being an adult can sometimes suck a whole lot, and that’s why Adulting works so well.

Created by Danny Barnfield, the slice-of-life comic is a humorous look at how frustrating, annoying, and difficult mundane grown-up things can be. Tasks such as holding down a job, maintaining relationships, and paying your bills are necessary to keep your world turning, but if you can find the funny when everything seems so daunting, it can take the edge off a bit.

We can all relate to being able to party all night in college, but now 10:45 pm is a stretch on New Year’s Eve. We’ve looked at our credit card bill and thought for sure we were the victim of fraud only to finally accept we swiped it too many times last month. But the comic in just a few short panels can make you laugh a little to relieve the stress of it all.

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