If you’ve read my entries for our Free Comics series, it’s painfully obvious that I love horror and mystery comics. When I stumbled upon Adamsville on Webtoons, I was excited to find a webcomic in the spirit of my style that I can share with my kids. 

Created by Michael Regina, the all-ages series is about Chloe and Todd, two middle schoolers who team up to solve a series of supernatural mysteries in their hometown. As they dig deeper, they uncover a massive conspiracy that will affect them, their families, and everything they have ever known forever.

The colorful, appealing art is stylistically in line with a book geared toward young readers. The characters are relatable, and the dialogue is true to the middle school age of the speakers, making it easier for youngsters to read and sympathize with the two friends tasked with chasing down the creatures and mysteries in their town.

Adamsville can be read for free on Webtoons. The complete series contains 85 episodes that both you and your younger reading buddies can enjoy. Click here to begin.