Edited to add:  Huh, somehow WordPress decided to take out all the links – here’s the direct link to The Building and to Vidu’s page.

Immeuble (The Building) by Vidu is another Fauve nominee in the “digital horizons” category. And it has an English language version so hop right to it.

This is a fiendishly clever and intriguing set-up: There’s been a murder in a building – a murder with aliens and zombies involved. The reader investigates the goings on by moving through time AND space in various rooms of the building, going forward, backwards…truly, no two people will ever experience the story in the same way I’m just getting stuck into the story, but you can spend a long time with Vida’s The Building.

Vidu has quite a few experimental comics on Turboactive. I wasn’t able to translate much info about him, but he’s quite a thinker.