Mjau! is a Swedish mange about two kittens written and drawn by Natalia Batiste.    There’s a Kickstarter going on to fund the English language edition of it.  It’s kid-friendly and we’ve got some preview pages, so scroll down and have a look.

Official PR follows:

At 31 years of age, Swedish mangaka Natalia Batista has published numerous volumes in her native Sweden, and seen her self-published series A Song For Elise picked up and translated to German by global manga leader, TOKYOPOP. Now, she aims to bring her series for cat lovers of all ages to the states through Phoenix Dreams!

Mjau! is the Swedish award winning manga centered around two kittens, Ville and Vanilla. Ville is a lonely stray cat that gets picked up by a cat-loving woman (called Matte in the manga, which means “owner”). Her indoor cat Vanilla befriends Ville, upon his arrival in their home. Each chapter is a kid-friendly self-contained story of fun-loving trouble and mischief as only two cats can create. Each of the eight chapters features shorts after the main story, for a total of 256 pages of expressive manga style artwork.

Originally published in 2010, Mjau! is a popular home grown manga that has sold over 10,000 copies in Batista’s native Sweden. Mjau! Is a sweet story for manga fans of any age.

“I created Mjau! In hopes of making fun slice-of-life stories for children and parents alike” says Natalia Batiste. “I think this book is ‘purrrfect’ for beginning readers, and my hope is to see it in libraries and classrooms. That’s why we are using Kickstarter to reach cat lovers to help to get it there.”

Phoenix Dreams Publishing has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring Batista’s beloved Swedish manga series to print in the US. The campaign is live now and will run until 8pm PST on September 30. Click here to contribute!

About the Author: 

Natalia Batista is a Swedish manga artist, illustrator and comic art teacher at the Comic Art School in Malmö, Sweden. Her works include the kids manga Mjau!, published in Sweden and Portugal, and Sword Princess Amaltea, published in Sweden, Italy and the Czech Republic. Additionally, she is a founding member of Nosebleed Studio,  Sweden’s foremost active manga studio. It’s five members include Natalia and Catarina BatistaAlice Engström, Joakim Waller and Elise Rosberg. Each year the studio releases a new anthology with top notch Swedish manga made by the members.

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