Here’s a no brainer: a stand alone Star WArs moving about Obi-Wan Kenobi. That’s what Lucasfilm has just announced, with Theater vet Stephen Daldry on board to help develop a script and direct:

Daldry hails from the theater world and made his feature debut with Billy Elliot, which netted him his first directing Oscar nomination. He followed that up with searing dramas The Hours and The Reader, which also netted him directing nominations.   He most recently directed episodes of Netflix’s period drama The Crown, which garnered him an Emmy nomination.  

Based on Daldry’s pedigree, one expects this will be a film about Obi-Wan striving to suppress his emotions as he learns how to dance, despite Master Yoda’s disapproval. At any rate, he seems more to Kathleen Kennedy’s taste than the tyros she keeps firing.

More seriously, I’ve been calling this for a while, based on one of those Extended Universe bestsellers, Comichron’s own John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi, which followed the Jedi master after he’s exiled to Tatooine, a lonely hermit who has to live in small town Mos Eisley until some sand people attack.

Prequels Kenobi Ewan MacGregor is just the right age to play this role now! I want to see this story!

So far Rogue One was the first “extended universe” Star Wars movie, with a Han Solo film being finished up by Ron Howard after the origianl directors were fired. Yoda and Boba Fett are also being eyed for their own films.


  1. Rogue One was not extended universe. An EU one would be Dark Forces. And this won’t be good either. We need new Legends material. And yes, read Kenobi and leave Disney junk out of things.

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